Testosterone Supplementation

Testosterone is the male hormone that is responsible for the development of sexual characteristics, sense of well-being, and sexual function. It helps protect against bone loss, heart disease, and depression while increasing the ratio of lean muscle mass to body fat. Correct testosterone levels are essential for the overall health and quality-of-life of men. When men reach 30 years old, testosterone levels typically begin to drop about 1% per year. There are between 4-5 million American males with hypogonadism (low testosterone). Only 5-10% of them receive testosterone therapy.

Symptoms of Low-T

  • Decrease in libido (sex drive)
  • Lack of energy
  • Strength or endurance loss
  • Decreased “enjoyment of life”
  • Feelings of sadness or grumpiness
  • Less frequent or strong erections
  • Deterioration in ability to play sports
  • Fall asleep or get tired after meals
  • Deterioration in mental clarity (lack of focus)

AGE STRONG MD Testosterone Plan

Age Strong MD offers a comfortable, casual, caring and relaxed way to diagnose and treat low testosterone. When you arrive for your appointment, you will be escorted to a private room to meet with Dr. Simon. He will conduct a thorough medical history, physical examination and request lab tests. If the test results indicate testosterone levels are below acceptable levels, Dr. Simon will discuss your individual treatment options to get you feeling your best again. Typically, you’ll return to the clinic for booster injections as needed and determined by the physician. The booster appointments take just a few minutes and we maintain flexible hours to accommodate your schedule.